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Briefing on things to come

Posted on Mon Oct 24th, 2022 @ 2:18pm by Commodore Ethan O'Donnaghue & Captain Rian O'Donnaghue & Lieutenant Maec O'Donnaghue & Major Jennifer Griffiths & Lieutenant Myriam Nguyen & Lieutenant T'Pel & Lieutenant Amelia Gordon & Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale & Master Chief Petty Officer Kitiara McBride & Ensign Aina Kasumi

2,499 words; about a 12 minute read

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Confrence room (Deck 2)
Timeline: MD002 (9:30 Am)


Rian had been up a little earlier than normal, his father was now aboard to brief the crew on their upcoming mission. Rian was in his chair at the head of the conference table and his father stood just to the side of him. EJ had been used to briefings not always giving them but being a commodore had its perks now, His greying hair cut in a crew cut almost he took a seat next to his son, EJ wasn't the commander of the ship but he would be along for the ride as he would need to oversee negotiations and make sure things went to plan over at Avalon station.

Rian tapped his comm badge "All Bridge and Senior crew to the conference room Deck 2" he said as he waited for everyone to arrive, these negotiations were crucial for not only the federation but for Rian himself and he needed to make sure this ran as smooth as possible, The Stewarts were pressing for marriage and EJ was not keen to give them one nor was Rian for that matter as he was already promised to another, The siren had been in the dock for over a month now and it was time the shakedown cruise got underway.

T'Pel had been on the bridge running an analysis on thruster burn damage to the hull. There had been a failure in an EPS manifold which was inadvertently redirecting heat at the ship and had scorched the panelling. At the announcement, she quickly sent orders to engineering to assign the structural maintenance team to priority repair.

Standing up from her station she made her way into the conference room and found her seat to the Captain's right and about halfway down the table.

Amelia was in her office in the main Science centre looking over the various projects her crew had submitted for approval when the captain's voice came over the coms to call the senior crew to the conference room. She set down the PADD she was currently looking at and left to head to deck two. She wondered if this meant they would finally be departing and thought to herself that it was about time. She arrived at the conference room and entered, stopping briefly to nod at the Captain and the Commodore, "Sirs," She stated in greeting as she moved down the table to take her seat nearly opposite T'Pel. She nodded in greeting to the lieutenant as she took her seat and awaited the arrival of the others.

Major Griffiths was in her quarters/Office when the call came in, "must be that time again!" She said to herself as she stood and put on her tunic and did it up and picking up a Padd she left her office and headed to the nearest turbolift. When she arrived at the nearest turbo-lift it opened as she entered and when the doors closed "deck two" she said and the lift whisked her up and across to deck two which was a quick ride, the moment the doors opened she stepped out onto the deck and walked a few yards down the corridor and walked right into the conference room tugging her tunic down as she entered the room, she took her seat to the right of the Captain and next to him "Morning Captain, Lieutenants T'Pel, Gordon" she said with a smile "how are you all?" She asked.

Rian smiled as the senior officers entered "Lieutenant T'pel and Gordon thank you for arriving promptly" he spoke as he looked to his father with a smile "Major Griffiths is always a pleasure we will be beginning in a second once we have everyone else" He spoke, "Dad would you like a cup of tea?" Rian returned to his father "It's like you read my mind son, I'll get them I need to move my legs anyways old as they are" he said patting his son on the shoulder "Computer a round of English breakfast tea please" he spoke as 5 cups of tea materialized. EJ went around the room handing out the cups "When I am in the room everyone gets tea" He returned to the side of his son

Master chief slipped in the door and stood at the rear of the room, as the only enlisted member and the senior on the entire ship. She choices to remain quiet unless spoken to.

Amelia had nodded to the Major when she entered the room, "Thank you for asking, Major. I am getting settled in nicely." She smiled as a cup of tea was placed in front of her by the captain's father, "That is very kind of you sir, thank you." She took a sip of the tea and then smiled, "This is delicious." She sat back, placing her PADD on the table to wait for the meeting to officially begin.

T'Pel raised an eyebrow at the tea in front of her. Human tea was so...aromatic, "Thank you, Commodore. But, I do not eat or drink between meals," she told him politely as a Vulcan could be polite. She turned the cup so the handle faced away and square to the edge of the table at the very least.

Jennifer nodded her thanks as the cup of tea was placed in front of her but said nothing more as the Captain said they would wait till all the officers were present before the meeting would start.

EJ Walked back to the head of the table they were still waiting on a few crew members, but Rian had this briefing in the bag, it was going to be a delicate mission none the less and that was why EJ had tagged along negotiations with Klingons could go awry and be versed in Klingon traditions would aid EJ and Rian with him being there. The Siren-A was shaping up to be quite the ship.

Myriam walked into the conference room. She was followed by someone. The Bajoran-looking girl looked around the room. She knew she was a new face in the room. But Myriam spoke first. "Commodore, Captain, I am sorry we are late. I met up with Lieutenant Meran on my way here. I believe you were briefed of her arrival captain?"

Rian smiled as his wife to be entered the briefing "No worry Lieutenants Yes I was briefed on Mayla's arrival by the commodore about a day ago" He said looking out towards the rest of them "Well, I think Kyss is somewhere sorting through the previous operations logs, so I'll have to brief him when he's finished"

The newcomer smiled warmly at everyone. "Lieutenant Mayla Meran, I am replacing my cousin, Jayden Meran as your Diplomatic officer. I know it's all so sudden. But as you know, Starfleet doesn't waste time with their transfers. I don't know how long I am here for, but as Jayden was needed on another ship, and no one else was close enough to take on this delicate position, I hope I won't disappoint you all."

Amelia nodded in greeting Myriam and Mayla. She smiled a little as the latter was introduced. Amelia smiled, at least she wasn't the only new crewmember in the meeting. She turned her attention back to Rian as she waited for the briefing to officially begin.

"Hello Lieutenant Meran, welcome to the Siren, you will find that we are a friendly bunch," Griffiths said with a smile looking at the new arrival.

Mayla looked to the major and nodded. "Thank you, Major." She made a nod to the major and took a seat. "This is a good start indeed."

Smiling, it usually gets better I have found, but then again this would be my first actual mission on the Siren, up until now it has been all refits and preparations, now we are finally having a mission" Griffiths said.

Mayla nodded. "We'll just have to see how things go, right Major?" She said smiling warmly.

Smiling back "that it is, that it is, anything would be better than sitting in spacedock" she replied wryly

Amelia was curious as to what their first mission was going to be. Now that the introductions were out of the way, she was eager to hear where they were headed. Would her department have anything to do to ensure the success of the mission? She would soon find out.

EJ took the stand in front of the senior crew "Thank you for joining us today, if you didn't know I'm Commodore Ethan James O'Donnaghue" he spoke clearing his throat "Your Captain is my son but that is not important what is, is your current mission" he spoke as he drank from his cup of tea "I gather you all knew of Lieutenant Simon Stevens? well since his little infraction he has been sent to a Klingon prison world called Rura Penthe however Starfleet is still sending security ops to investigate the infraction, in other news we have some negotiations we need to attend to at Avalon station whilst we take some supplies to them the new Klingon delegation wants to meet with Starfleet to discuss current activities in the gamma quadrant" he said putting up the mission parameters on the screen "Any questions ladies and gentleman?"

Raises her hand "I have one Sir, what can you tell us of what this Klingon delegation wants, exactly?" Griffiths asked the Commodore, she still found it strange that the Commodore was so down to earth when officers get to his rank, they usually became pompous from her experience, but the Commodore broke the rules on that, and she liked it.

EJ smiled "Thank you, Major Griffiths," he said drinking another length of his tea "The Stewert Family left a bit of a problem at the station and because James Stewart himself is human and part of Starfleet the Klingon high command wants us to work with there delegation to figure out exactly how the Stewart family buggered things up"

Griffiths nodded in understanding "I never knew James Stewart well myself he was on the way out when I came aboard" she said.

EJ nodded to the Major "You'll do well to have never known him major, in all my time as a Starfleet
officer I have never dealt with someone who's as insubordinate as Stewart was" He said taking another drink of his tea as he motioned to sit "Rian the next part is up to you lad" he said as Rian took his stand where his father was.

Mayla held up her finger and just said, "I am sorry to interrupt, sir, but that's not exactly the reason. Yes, the Stewarts, as representatives of the Klingons did mess up the assignment they were sent to do, the Klingons are invested in this little operation that Starfleet set out in the Gamma Quadrant, but also the declaration of war from the side of the Crescent is not just a declaration of war against the Federation, this is a declaration of war against the Alpha Quadrant. Not to mention the fact that the Federation and Starfleet had set up a fully functional colony on a planet that is inhabited by one of the largest technologically advanced species in the Gamma quadrant, outside of the founders that are. The Klingons are here to remind us that we are allies and part of that alliance is of course the sharing of information regarding the Gamma quadrant. Also in regards to the war declaration, I feel that we should comply and honour the old agreement in regards to Avalon station before the Stewarts messed up. I believe the Klingons feel the same way." She looked to the Commodore as she tilted her head a little. "Just correct me if I am wrong, sir."

Rian looked to Mayla "Lieutenant JG Meran is correct, that is also the reason the Klingons are here they want to remind us of our obligations as allies, they are here for peace and ally talks and I feel as a Starfleet officer we shall give them just that, it cant hurt to have some Klingon muscle on deck but there will be two teams most of the senior bridge crew will be with me and the commodore on the starbase" Rian spoke as he looked around the room "The second team consists of Strenvale, Mcbride and Kasumi they were will be aboard the wrecked Oberth Siren to gather intel for Starfleet security ops who are also meeting us at Avalon to discuss Simon stevens case" He looked now to major Griffiths "Major it is my understanding that you, my father and My brother James will be locked in interrogations with the crescent known as Kadja she has been transferred from new haven to Avalon by the USS Jackdaw and is awaiting your arrival Ky'ss can handle most things security wise but I will keep you appraised as to what happens with the Klingons" Rian spoke as he looked around the room "Any further questions?"

Looking at him "I got nothing to add" Griffiths said and fell silent.

Amelia looked at the assembled group for a moment. While many of them would surely have something important to add to whatever negotiations would happen with the Klingon she just didn't see where her area of expertise would even be desired by the Klingons. She looked at the captain and the commodore a moment before she spoke, "If I may ask sirs since I am neither a bridge crew member nor one of the others listed, just how does my department fit into this? I see nothing that would relate to sciences."

Rian smiled as the question was posed "The science department will be on detachment with Security you will act as a part of the investigative arm any science needs or forensic evidence found you and your department will need to liaise with the security teams to see that all evidence be collected and transferred appropriately is that ok Lieutenant?" he answered looking to the room.

"Fine by me, Science, not my forte" Griffiths simply said.

"Oberth, gather intel, got it." Kaylia smiled. Her tail swished back and forth a little.

Rian looked around the room smiling "You all have your assignments prepared for the departure of new haven station in t minus 2 hours all senior bridge crew with me all science and security on Lieutenant Strenvale your team has usage of my personal shuttle for this mission you have 2 hours to get your self ready everybody else you are dismissed" he said as looked around the room at people milling out.

Waited until most of the officers had made their way out before giving the Captain a nod and heading out the door to link up with Lt. Strenvale.

Standing up and stretching she looked at the Captain, "see you on the bridge" Griffiths said and left the briefing room and headed to the nearest turbolift.


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