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Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale

Name Kaylia Strenvale

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Genetically Altered Half-Caitian
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 136
Hair Color Violet-Black
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description Kaylia is most certainly pretty slender. Tall. Bluish-violet feline ears, and same colored tail. Otherwise she looked human. Brown, almost black hair. Violet eyes. That of which is a side effect of how she was made. To look at her, not athletic at all. For her strength, to look at her, you'd never know it.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Chloe Strenvale
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Headstrong, stubborn, mostly pissed off at the universe. She can be kind and passionate. It just depends on whom it is or the situation. Her friends she would almost die for, her 'adopted' family, she would kill and die for.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Being a bitch. Her will, determination, strength(not just physically.) Her loyalty is probably her most defining quality, which also makes it a weakness.

--Security Level 9 Clearance Required--

Genetically birthed with unusual enhancements. Kaylia Strenvale's entire skeletal structure is encased in diamonds. Including the oddity of having three long claws of bone, encased as well, that she may extend at will out of her hands. Subject has shown the ability to regenerate much faster than most beings as well as telepathic abilities. Her sight, smell, hearing, and strength are enhanced as well. This is separate from the Augments from the Eugenic Wars genetic manipulation. Farther study is in process of her genetic code. Note: Subject refuses to give any information upon where she was, whom may have been there, what she saw. Farther investigation is continuing.

--End Classified Report--

Weaknesses: Stubborn, her loyalty, once its earned in her eyes. Her passion. She has underlining demons she keeps hidden, which make her vulnerable depending on the situation. That being pushed can even make her volatile and dangerous.
Ambitions She has no childhood ambitions. One can't have any if they never really had a childhood. White walls, tubes, tests for a childhood killed that. Since her escape and having a real life, all her own. Now she wants to experience everything. Music, food, sex, people, places. Excel in what she found when she was rescued, Starfleet. Get as good as she can and then push even farther. Law is what she is working on, she loves that. Been doing so on her own time because she wanted to pass her bar and become a JAG officer other than what she did, one of the best snipers in Starfleet. Which she did pass as well as, maybe not be the best sniper out there, but she was certainly damned good. One to be rivaled.
Hobbies & Interests Kaylia loves kittens, loves them. Also sad because of an incident that transpired. (See History.) More than excels in just about any kind of Martial arts you can think of within reason outside of the ones taught at the academy. Archery is a big interest, not a hobby for her. If allowed she always has a bow and quiver with her. Those of which given the current technology, fit into the same size 'holster' as a tricorder does.

Actual hobbies, she loves to cook and eat food. Playing the Violin and singing. Mysteries, be it real or holo-novels she can not get enough of. Writing them are also a large interest, as well as writing on real paper and trying to publish books. Building things as well. Taking them apart, putting them back together. Improving on the designs. Doesn't always work out, but she tries. Medicine is also a focus she likes to read about and look into. She also found religion. Something that has pushed her to be ordained as a minister.

Personal History Born 2356, or as far as she knows. At least that was when she was woken up. To nothing but a large upright tube and green bubbling liquid in it. Hoses and wires attached to her. A breathing apparatus. Out side the muddled liquid it looked like a science lab, or medical bay. People in white, the room in white. Which, the colors she only figured out once she was let out.

The voices, the VOICES! They won't stop! Make them stop! Make the poking and prodding stop! All those pointy things that hurt. Then they do it more because apparently they thing it is fun. She was fully grown, but had not comprehension of things. She did not even know how to speak. Simply make sounds. Coo's when she was rewarded with a treat, those were yummy. Screams or whimpers when she did something bad, evidently, or they just wanted to poke and prod again.

As time progressed she did start to catch on quickly. Speech came, so did understanding of things around her. Even what they were doing, she kept quiet most of the time just listening. Playing stupid. Okay...she was an experiment. Evidently one that actually worked this time. Keywords....this time. How many before her? Mutated piles of goo? Some of them just exploded? What in the hell.

She had to get out of there, but not without learning more. Playing along and going with their tests would help. Some of it was gratifying. She got to hurt people that hurt her to start with. Even killed a few when she learned to use her claws. Those were so fascinating cause they sparkle. Even when she didn't push them out and it cut her skin, they hurt half of the time.

Another part she hated, which gave her gratification for hurting them was what they did to her. Was she not suppose to heal fast? They always liked to stab or shoot her. Why? Its not like she got answers most of the time. If she gets stabbed she heals in 30 minutes or so. She stabs them, they fall over and stop moving. Okay, what's the difference?

There was one of the white coats that was really nice to her. Over the course of 4 years, she would always see to her. Come and read stories from a book to help her go to sleep. Cradle her and rock her when she cried because the mean people hurt her more. After learning what she had at this point by reading books, and schooling, pretty much, Chloe Strenvale, which is where she picked her last name from, was her mother.

Two months after her 4th 'birthday,' Chloe had had enough with the tests. Hearing Kaylia in her head crying out in pain. Begging for them to stop, and begging for her momma. Bursting into the test room Chloe had a phaser in hand. Yelling at them to stop it. Enough was enough. There was yelling back, for her to drop it, her for them to let Kaylia go. Even more yelling and then firing started.

It was slow motion, seeing Chloe gunned down. Hitting the floor and not moving. Screaming outloud this time, "MOMMA!!!!!!!" Usually never using her claws unless the forced her for more experiments. This was different. They just hurt her mother. Snapping them out and flicked both to the side to cut the bindings. Getting up and running to her. Picking her up in her arms, tears already streaming down her cheeks.

"Momma...Momma...they can fix you. They fix me when they hurt me to much. Come on, up Momma. Up."

Chloe shook her head and reached up to wipe the tears away. "Not this time baby. You need to leave me and run. Run as far away from Section 31 as you can. I can't come with you. Live your life...I love you, you always were my daughter...its in your DNA." She went limp.

Kaylia knew what that limp meant, just like the ones she killed. Oh it was on now. She took whom know how many shots before she got to the guards, the scientists and slaughtered every single one of them.

After being covered completely head to toe in blood, and trying to keep standing from the wounds she managed to get back to Chloe and pick her up. Taking her outside of the facility. Now she did not know what to do. Chloe had told her about this place called Earth. She could get one of the runabouts and go there. So that's what she did.

The entire trip, 19 days she did nothing but hold her Mother and cry. The runabout set for the computer to just get her there. Not even answering the transmissions to identify herself, just trying to get to Texas and Chloe's home to bury her. Finally say good bye.

Which, she did have time to do. Bye the time Starfleet security forces got there, the rain had washed most of the blood off of her body. She was just laying on top of the mound and hugging the makeshift tombstone. She hadn't eaten, hadn't slept, had no fight left in her. The only person she'd ever had show her compassion, unconditional love, was gone. Never coming back, all because of those animals. She hadn't even stopped crying. Nearly a month of constant crying.

She heard them coming, hell, she could hear their thoughts. The only resistance given was trying to pull her away from the grave. If she wasn't in dire need of medical treatment, she'd have tried to kill them too for taking her away from her mother.

Several weeks later, being a psych ward, and the drugs had kicked in, which she had to have triple the dose. She had calmed down, came to terms with what happened. Talked to several people. Lots of them in fact. That's when she decided the only thing she could do to honor Chloe was join Starfleet. Well aside from find those Section 31 bastards and make them pay. Though also, join Starfleet because its what she did, and the purpose was to help people, and the betterment of any kind of person, no matter how strange they are.

She excelled in just about everything she wanted to in the academy, except, three things. Which nearly had her not graduate. Social interactions, being violent. History, and Linguistics.

While she did excellent in just about all the other aspects, those, her behavior, sometimes showing up to classes half drunk. Even if it wore off in about an hour, hitting several officers. Mostly when they pulled out the line of 'What would your mother think?' That was a no no. They should have learned in four years never to use Chloe as some kind of scolding tool. They were lucky she'd curbed enough of her anger over the years to not stab them and end up dead or in a penal colony.

Just before graduation, one of her only friends she made got her this little American Blue kitten for her 'birthday.' Smokie was the only one she told about what happened to her. Considering she could actually talk to the cat and hear what it actually wanted to say back. Tragedy stuck again. Still to this day she has no clue whom did it.

While she was getting ready, someone evidently broke into her dorm room and snapped Smokie's neck. Left a not on the wall in paint that said 'Only freaks like freaks and they should die.' Kaylia wasn't even furious on the outside. She was but it didn't matter. Her little baby lay there lifeless. Then there was a little whimper. Giving a look around, then heard it again. Oh hell, she's alive.

Kaylia wanted to pick her up and hold her, but she knew better, moving her might finish the job. The only thing she could do was call for medical and wait. It caused her to miss graduation, but she didn't care. She lost the one thing in this universe she loved. Got another, she wasn't going to lose this one. Again the parts of herself she hated was being vulnerable. Particularly someone seeing her that way, even worse seeing her cry.

The damage was repaired, it would take time for recovery but everything seemed to look up. That worked out as it would be about two months before Kaylia had to leave Earth for her first posting. If they didn't let her take Smokie with her, they would get her resignation then and there.

Just so happened, that was no problem so, off to a ship and posting they went. The kitten never left her side and her never leaving its. Time went on and she started to work with honing her skills more, proficient in martial arts, and certainly with a rifle, more specifically a sniper rifle. She still kind of preferred the bow, but because of the variances with arrows, 1000 meter shots would not take the cake.
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