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After the retaking of Avalon Rian and the Crew! Settle in and starfleet has sent them to do a Supply run to Avalon station! During the routine supply run though a security breach has been listed and starfleet security are on there way with the news! The Klingons at avalon station are less than accommodating and the crew of the siren are thrust straight into a diplomatic and security crisis all in one! It will be a race against time to see how the crew fairs in negotiations and with starfleet security baring down on them! The crew of the siren is in for a bumpy ride.

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Under The Light Of the Rapters Wing

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This is the first assignment of the 2395 class of Mystic Academy, In the vastness of space The Tal'Shier are waiting in the wings and after a high jacking of a federation envoy to betazoid with Vulcan religious leaders aboard. One of those Religious envoys was however a romulan spy sent to infaltrate the religious summit on betazoid. The Tal'Shiar have a base in the gamma quadrant and what starflet find changes the course of Vulcan and Romulan history, a concipercy that runs as deep as Suraks teachings within vulcan.

It is the Mission of The USS Picard and her crew to track the Tal'Shiar and engage the Tal'Shiar in what ever way the Commodre sees fit be that diplomaticly or By Means of Force.

This mission is Based a week after the sirens Shakedown allowing for the commodore to get back to the academy.

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