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Ensign Aina Kasumi

Name Aina Kasumi

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Caitian
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 1,90m
Weight 75kg
Hair Color black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Because of her Caitian side she is pretty tall. She has long black hair. Catlike eyes, Catlike ears, and a black tail. She has long nails, catlike.


Father Kasumi Daichi (Daichi Kasumi)
Mother K'Rina
Brother(s) Akashi and Mamoru
Sister(s) Lieutenant Neko Kasumi
Other Family Nephew: Daichi Kasumi

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aina is very friendly to whomever she meets, but she can have a very bad temper. A little troublemaker, since her teenage years it was hard for her to make friends. And stubbornness runs in the family. She is very precise and tidy. She is usually very focused.
Strengths & Weaknesses -Bad Temper
-Stubborn and hard headed
+Focused, precise and tidy
Hobbies & Interests *Martial arts
*Rock climbing
*Earth's 20th century rock music

Personal History Aina is the youngest kit of the Kasumi family. She always looked up to her older sister Neko, who seemed to have everything. She was 10 when Neko got assigned to the USS Arlington. Her sister wrote her letters telling her how life was like on the Arlington.

She was born on the freighter SS Reflections.

Aina always asked her parents if she could go visit her sister, or even stay with her sister. As her sister did say there were children on board. Neko invited her several times. But her parents denied her, her father thought she should focus on her studies, work hard to be like her sister.

She never spoke to her parents for some time. On her 11th birthday her parents decided they would make a detour to meet up with her sister. haven't seen her sister in a while she loved the idea. The day after when her parents left, she got on board the Arlington and hid in her sister's quarters. When her parents realized she was gone, the Arlington was too far out to turn around.

Realizing they couldn't convince her to return to the Reflections, Aina's parents handed over the care of their youngest daughter to their eldest daughter. As long as she promised to work hard.

She held word and by the time she was 17 years old she wanted to join starfleet like her sister. Only her interests lay elsewhere than that of her sister. Her sister and the Arlington crew, who had become like her family, helped her make her dream come true.

After she graduated from the academy, she was assigned to the USS Condor as a security officer. The Chief of Security on the USS Condor had no idea what to do with her. She did well on the academy as far as he could tell, and he had heard nothing but good things about her, that's why he requested her. But she had a totally different side, everyone failed to mention to him. She was really stubborn and head strong. If she wanted something she went for it, no matter the cost.

She seemed to collide with her department head a lot. After a short while, the Chief talked to her instructors. They admitted she was quite a hand full. She had her own room, cause she didn't seem to match with anyone as a roommate. She was causing trouble everywhere she went. She was banned from eating in the cafeteria for a whole week and was forced to eat in her room.

The Chief, liking a challenge, wasn't ready to give up yet. He managed to get her to follow orders, but she was still hard to place on the ship, as she was unwilling to share her quarters. But she made it so that her roommates didn't want to share with her. And she had a lot of noise complaints on her record, as she played her music too loud. Her neighbors weren't happy to have her.

Due to this problem she was transferred after 3 years to a different assignment. Within 2 years she managed to get transferred twice because of her excessive behavior.

Starfleet command didn't know what else to do with her. So they invited her over to headquarters, as well as her sister and her parents. Her sister told her, if she didn't shape up, they would had to discharge her from the fleet. Aina took a very long sabbatical from the fleet.

She spend two years on Earth in solitude with only her family to visit her. She even spend some time on the Caitian home world. The last year before her return to starfleet she spend some time on Vulcan. No one new why. But she explained she liked the calm and serenity of the Vulcans.

She did a retraining at the academy before she was assigned to the USS Axca.
Service Record TBD

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