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Checking in for check up

Posted on Sat Sep 24th, 2022 @ 1:48pm by Commander Layla O'Donnaghue Meran & Cadet Freshman Grade Mairie O'Connell

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Mission: Getting started
Location: Academy Medical
Timeline: Current
Tags: Cmdr Layla O'Donnaghue

Mairie shifted from foot to foot as she waited in the medical center for someone to answer. She was sure not going any further into the area without someone bringing her there. She huffed a little then called out, "HEEELLLLLOOOOO!!! New person needing to get checked in here!" If someone didn't answer soon, Mairie swore to herself that she'd leave and then make them come find her. She hated having to wait when she still had so much to do. She still needed to get her dorm room in order and learn the lay of the land so she wouldn't get lost on her way to whatever classes they stuck her in.

Layla walked out of her office at hearing someone screaming. "Hellllooooooo." She didn't exactly scream just made the hello longer. "Sorry to make you wait. Lollipop for your trouble?" She held up a pot full of em. "I am Commander Layla Meran, there is more in my name, cause I am married to General O'Donnaghue, but it got too long to say out loud." She giggled. "Please come in. It's been so busy today with new recruits. Sometimes people have to wait. Sometimes they have to wait long, sometimes they leave. You didn't, thank you!"

Mairie raised here eyebrows at the pot of lollipops. She picked out a grape flavored one and held it up for a second, "Umm, Thanks, Commander." Knowing that the medic was married to the General made her a bit nervous. She nodded once as she stepped further into the area, "I almost didn't wait. I just have so much that needs to get done, and I still need to get a schedule of the classes they want me to take." Mairie wasn't sure where she should go next and she waited for the Commander to lead the way. "So what does this exam entail?" She asked as she shuffled from on foot to the other. It was a good thing Layla mentioned being married to the General. It saved Mairie from making any comments that could get her in trouble. She had a bad habit of saying something that... well, she'd need to be careful. Just because she was mad at her father wasn't an excuse to insult anyone here.

"Well you are here and don't worry all will be well." Layla pointed the young cadet to a biobed. "Have a seat, this won't hurt at all, and won't take very long. I just need to make a medical scan, check your medical files and update said medical file." She put away the pot of lollies and got a medical scan and started to scan Mairie. "Well, the scan connected you to the right files, I got a Mairie O'Connell, that is a very nice name, miss O'Connell. Is there anything you like me to look at while your in here, or should I just clear you for duty and download your schedule and everything?"

Mairie looked at the doctor in confusion, "Is there something I should be asking about?" She was a little worried about how the question was phrased, but since the docotor said she would clear her she figured it couldn't be something important. She shrugged her shoulders, "As long as it says I am healthy, I guess you can just clear me for the school, or duty, or whatever you want to call it. And if you can get me the schedule, that would be fantastic. One less thing I need to worry about is good with me."

Layla nodded. "I thought so." She then walked to her computer console and took out a Padd. She then turned back to Mairie and handed her the Padd. "There you go. Have a nice time at the academy. Don't be a stranger ok?" She smiled warmly to the cadet.

Mairie smiled slightly as she took the PADD from Layla. "As long as it doesn't involve any medical procedures, I'll try not to. And As for having a nice time here, that remains to be seen." She gave a quick nod, gathered up her belongings and headed out to get settled into her assigned quarters and look at her schedule to see where and when she needed to be for her classes.

Cadet Freshman Grade Mairie O'Connell
Starfleet Academy (Annex academy)
Haven Colony, Gamma Quadrant

Commander Layla O'Donnaghue Meran
Academy Medical Director and Instructor
Starfleet Academt (Annex academy)
Haven Colony, Gamma Quadrant


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