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Lieutenant Maec O'Donnaghue

Name Maec Vincent O'Donnaghue

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan/Human
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot 7 inches
Weight 245 lbs
Hair Color Deep Brown
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description Like all O'Donnaghes He is tall, well built with dark hair and light eyes! his romulan heritage has leant him to being ever so slightly taller than his cousins! he has the classic pointed ears of a romulan, but a very earth like jovial face with a wide beard that joins up at the side of his face. A scar runs the length of his left eye to bottom of his lip on that side! he has a very light complexion but that is his Irish heritage coming through! Off duty he is often seen wearing an array of t-shirts and loose fitting trousers and boots and dap like shoes!


Spouse N/A
Children NA
Father Fallon Marcus O'Donnaghue
Mother Arrhae O'donnaghue (Nee; Kassus)
Brother(s) Hatham O'Donnaghue
Sister(s) Dhivael Isabella O'Donnaghue
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Maec is an intelligent and trustworthy man, from years spent in service to starfleet and how he sees himself! Meac may be as aggressive and shadowed as his romulan counterparts, but he has a good grip on his emotions! not nearly as good a grip as a vulcan but enough to not loose his cool! He is kind and caring but mess with his family or his crew mates you will see what a romulan medical officer with honours from the dominion war can really do!
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Medical Knowledge
Romulan hand to hand combat
Kind hearted
Good with People

Quick Temper
Sometimes acts before thinking
doesn't deal well with Klingons
Ambitions To Help New haven as best he can

To protect his family
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Medical Experiments
Boxing (bare Knuckle boxing)

Personal History Maec O'Donnaghue was born on a star-base to his Starfleet security officer father and romulan science officer mother, Eldest of three children, he is cousins with Craig,Isabella and EJ O'Donnaghue on his father fallons side. Maec always had a flare for medical things when he was a child, even his mother a science officer loved that he was so involved with her research. Fallon and Arrhae were stationed at star-base 23 close to the romulan neutral zone. For the longest time, people viewed Fallon as a weirdo for marrying a romulan, but what they didn't see was how in love with her he was and she him.

Soon enough Maec and his siblings were shipped off to Starfleet academy, Maec major in medical, Haltham went into command training and Dhivael went on to major in counselling and medical. The three Siblings entered the academy at around the same time as there cousins, with whom they hadent really seen save for birthdays and some Christmas celebrations.

Maec was a great student, medical and sciences seemed to be where the young half romulan fit nicely, he was on time with all of his assignments and course work and even managed to get an honours when he graduated. After he graduated he was placed on board the USS Harad a nova class vessel where he had his first assignment as a chief medical officer with rank of ensign.

He was stationed on the harad for 2 years and in that time managed to attain the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, This was just before the dominion war kicked up, after his assignment ended he was placed on the USS Endevor a sovereign class ship that was on the front lines of the dominion war.

Within weeks though he was kidnapped and taken aboard a romulan vessel that had allied them selves with the dominion, little did he know he would once again be in the presence of family. His cousin Bella had been kidnapped also. When they escaped Maec made certain to get it through admiralty and he was assigned to Vulcan to recover from his injuries. After a couple of months he was reassigned to the USS Fairchild a Galaxy class ship, with the war still on he was thrust back into the war head on.

When the ship revived damage and he managed to get everyone off, he got everyone to the USS Jackdaw which was a task force command vessel and he was bumped up once again to lieutenant and awarded the purple heart for bravery and service to Starfleet.

Now he has been awarded the rank of lieutenant and has been assigned to the New Haven Medical Facility now under his cousin Craigs command and is now on his way to star-base new haven to surprise his family and start a new adventure.
Service Record Starfleet Acadamy
USS Harad (Ensign)
USS Endevor (Liutennant Junior Grade)
Assigned to Vulcan To Recover
USS Fairchild (Liutennant)
Assigned to USS Jackdaw
Reassigned to Starbase New Haven (Task Force Mystic Knights)
USS Siren Assitant Cheif Medical Officer

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