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Major Jennifer Griffiths

Name Jennifer Anne Griffiths

Position Executive Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 10in
Weight 7.0st
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Emerald Green
Physical Description Tall, Slim and curvy


Spouse None
Children None
Father Gavin Griffiths
Mother Jennifer Anne Smithson
Brother(s) Older Brother Ian Griffiths
Sister(s) Younger Sister Kerry Anne Griffiths
Other Family Earth & Alpha Centauri

Personality & Traits

General Overview Birthdate: 235601.24
Birth Place: Eurasian Hills, Britain South Wales
Current Rank: Major
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Relationships: Not in One at this time
Current Health Status: Healthy
Skin Tone: Pink
Scars: Faint Scar left Leg
Tattoos: 1 Small Dragon on the upper right arm
Build: Slim/curvy
Tone/Voice: Alto
Presence: As any other Human
Distinguishing Features: Emerald Green eyes
Marital Status: Single
Handedness: Right
Department: Marine Command

Her mental Disposition:

Jennifer is sometimes a headstrong young woman, who despite things is quite efficient in what she does. She has can do a dual role on any assignment even as a Marine due to her training. Like most people she has moods, but no one, not even her friends can ever positively pin down what her mood will be next. Her temper is very nasty when really upset or at certain times of the month, but she is easy to get on within general and she is not judgemental but she is forthright and blunt.


+ Fine Dining
+ Vintage Wine
+ Pizza, Salads
+ Retro Music and clothes


- Extreme Spicy dishes
- Opera
- Horror movies,
- Idiots
- Traitors


Martial Arts:-

Tae Kwon Do (Black Belt)
Ninjitsu (Black Belt)
Karate (Brown Belt 5th Dan)

Other Skills

Starfleet Basic Unarmed Combat
Advanced Marksman Badge and Trophy at the Academy
Twin Spatha blades
Advanced Quarterstaff
Vintage Pistol Qualified
TR-116 Cleared
Trained Tactical Bridge Officer

Linguistic Skills

Welsh Gaelic
Federation Standard

Jennifer has an average knack for picking up languages, but only if she is really interested in learning them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

+ Smart
+ Loyal
+ Tactically Minded
+ Clever
+ Brave


- Stubborn
- Overthinks
- Alpha Type Personality
- Blunt
- Sarcastic and Dry Humour
Ambitions To make high rank someday
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Rock Climbing, Orbital skydiving, holo programs

Personal History Bio

Born in the Eurasian Hills of South Wales Britain as it was once known on 24th January 2356 she was born to a white father and Indian mother which was the reason for her skin colour, Jennifer had a good childhood and like everyone else in the Federation wanted for nothing, she was enrolled into a prestigious infants school, which opened up avenues to good primary schools and even a few private ones. In the end, her parents opted for a public school where she excelled at the gym and tactical thinking and turned out to be something akin to a child prodigy. Growing up she had no trouble finding a boy to date thanks to her light coffee colour skin and emerald green eyes gave her an advantage over most girls of her age, the biggest difference was her red hair which was unusual for someone with her parentage and ethnicity as well as the emerald green eye colour, this made her somewhat exotic to most.

From Primary School up to the start of the college years, she had shown great aptitude in most areas and this was noted by Starfleet Intelligence and Security, even the Marines were interested all in different aspects of what she could do. When college time came around she had made a host of new friends and these were children of good families, at one point she got into trouble with the authorities when one of her new friends led her astray, needless to say, they got more in trouble than she did, after paying a fine she was released from detention and returned to her family, she did finish her college term but with the issue of her misdemeanour shadowing her for the rest of her life and at eighteen years old she entered Starfleet Academy's Marine Annex to learn to be a marine in 2372 much to the disappointment of the other Branches, but she wanted to be strong in body as well as the mind...
Service Record |Cadet Years not shown

237701.01 - Assigned to Deep Space 3 as 2nd Lieutenant Marine Unit
237710.15 - Defended Deep Space 3 from Dominion Attack Awarded medal
237902.01 - Assigned back to earth for Tactical Bridge Officer Training
238101.12 - Assigned to USS Vanguard as Tactical/MXO as 1st Lieutenant
238205.15 - Returned to Earth to complete advanced training
238301.24 - Made Marine Captain at age 27 and posted to USS Zang Zhi as MCO
238503.15 - Returned to earth to attend Fleet Command Course
238701.01 - Took part in defeating a True Way Uprising
238712.10 - Age 31 assigned to active training ship USS Archimedes as XO
239501.24 - Age 39 took part in a combat-heavy Black Ops Mission
239506.05 - Promoted to Major and assigned to SFMC Annex at Starfleet Academy
239705.24 - Assigned to USS Siren as First Officer and youngest Major age 41

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