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Captains Log MD01

Posted on Thu Mar 16th, 2023 @ 3:16am by Captain Rian O'Donnaghue

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[Computer Starts]

[Captain O'Donnaghue's Personal Log]

Its currently 2100 hours Were about 2 days away from Avalon station, finally we are underway to finally settle what was possibly the most horrendous portion of my collective history. Myriam has been seconded to Haven Medical station for the duration of her pregnancy, whilst I miss my wife-to-be dearly, id much rather her and my unborn child were safe away from harm. The crew are settling in fantastically well, Major Griffiths is a fantastic addition to our wonderful family. My Father Commodore O'Donnaghue has bee aboard since we left new haven station and much like any father has been clipped at my heels for most of his visit, which I do not mind, in my own way I've missed the old man.

Kyss has been a valient best friend and second officer, I fear though much like my self he has been attached to his station which means we haven't see much of each other since we set off f from new haven station. Theran Morsdover is however an oddity I have no idea where he was assigned from, but he's a damn good piolt ill give him that, our very own version of ensign checov, he's a hoot to be around, dads got a soft spot for him "Hes a lot like me at his age" is what dad said when he welcomed him aboard, infact there entire meeting dad was telling him the instruction of how to pull off the the "O'Donnaghue Manever" let me tell you its no mean feet to pull off infact it was only by sheer accident my dad pulled It off

We are on the track to get to avalon, waiting for us however is a delegate of Klingons as well as starfleet over security, to investigate the curious case Simon Stevens, still feel a bad taste in my mouth about that but seeing a therapist once a week is sorting that. However I have Set Lt Strenvale MCPO Mcbride the wonderous task aswell as there assigned away team to do there own investigation on the wreck of the first siren and report it directly to me or Major Griffthes

We also have a familiar face back on avalon station my Uncle Natan O'Donnaghue-Meran has taken command of the old watch tower class starbase, which has since become a cultural and diplomatic hub right here in the gamma quadrent. We also have a bright new enisgn joining our ranks Glenn Belmont, Assitant Cheif Engineer, looking over his transcripts from Mystic Academy, he has a bright and illustrious future aboard the USS Siren-A I look forward to sitting down with him once the mission is done and we can bask in the ambiance of the station.

I also look forward to seeing my family, James My brother is currently stationed out of Avalon Station as the CAG, My aunty chelsea is also there and I'm sure once Talim realizes Natan and Chelsea are there she will arrive with Marcy no doubt my father will roll his eyes and bite back his native Gaelic... Talim and my father have never seen eye to eye. Talims Daughter my Cousin Mayla has joined the siren and I was joyfully surprised to see her aboard and I look forward to her helping us get through these klingon negotiations.
[End Of Personal Log]


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