Personal Log

Posted on Fri Jun 7th, 2024 @ 1:46pm by Major Jennifer Griffiths

387 words; about a 2 minute read


"Computer open Personal Log" Jennifer stated and the computer bleeped when it was done.

"I thought the Gamma Quadrant would be busier than the Alpha or Beta Quadrant, so far not a chirrup, but there are rumours of some unspecified movement within the Crescent the local big bad and here I thought the Dominion was the Big Bad, they have some competition it seems and the prisoner we have seems to be suddenly getting restless, well we will see how that pans out" she pauses.

"Besides the longer quiet stretches out here, it is somewhat different despite everything there is a frontier feel for the sector, I am just happy the Dominion is staying in their space and no doubt watching us with great interest in what we are doing. Being primarily a Marine Officer I am still feeling like a fish out of water, I know I have done the basic bridge training, but I miss being in the field, as for communication with home, this is difficult at best as the communication relays keep going out, so contact with home is spotty at best" she paused.

"I recently received news that I may be getting a new position on the Siren, one that is not a First Officer position, but currently this is uncertain as everything in this quadrant is in flux, saying that there have been some stirrings from these Crescent Faction, they are a large and quite powerful adversary, with so few ships in the sector Starfleet is going to be pushed hard as what ships there are too few and will be unable to fight a protracted conflict without some heavy support from Starfleet, time however will tell it always does" another pause.

"On the Home front I am finding I am also missing home a little, but duty is duty and all that jazz, so I do what I must and go where I am assigned, even if it is to the Gamma Quadrant, but such is the life in the Service" she stopped and gave a moment of thought to see if she had anything else to say and it appeared that she did not.

"Computer end log to save and encrypt," she said a moment later there was a beep sound indicating the request had been done.




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