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Lets Meet The Chief

Posted on Thu Mar 23rd, 2023 @ 6:06pm by Lieutenant T'Pel & Captain Rian O'Donnaghue

512 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: Getting started
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: MD001 (5:00 pm)

Rian had been given a few new entrees, a new chief engineer was amongst those. He had a meeting with his new XO prior in the day and now he had to usher in the new chief. He had a freshly brewed tea in his hand as he was looking over her file and she was an impressive one for sure. Luckily this time his father was wrapped up in negotiaions and hsi brother would be here in a little inder an hour for the dinner infact his father had an hour and he would be here too. He herd the door chime go "Come" he said pressing his button to open the door.

T'Pel entered through the door and stood before the desk, "Lieutenant T'Pel, reports as ordered, Captain," she announced offering him her standing orders on the PADD she had in her hand, "With your acceptance, my orders assigning me as Chief Engineering Officer," she stated.

Rian smiled "Please come and take a seat liutennant" he said flipping through the pad in his hand

T'Pel gave a nod and sat down in the chair opposite of the Captain. She sat straight back in a very practiced motion of sitting as she looked at him reading over her orders.

He smield as the vulcan "thank you for joining me liutennant" he said drinking his drink "Looking over your orders?" he said with a slight smile "You'll be starting on beta shift with my 2XO and that starts at around 1600 hours" he said with another smile "Any questions so far?

She raised an eyebrow at the smile, but she was taught that most emotional species used "body language" to indicate their emotions as well. "1600 hours, aye sir." she replied, "Does the Captain prefer that operational reports flow through the chain of command or do you prefer direct reports?" she asked him.

Rian smiled "If im off duty then hand it to either Kyss my 2xo or The major who is my XO everything genreally gets cascaded back to me anyways" He said "Kyss is an andorian and ive known him for quite some time he runs a tight ship and even tighter bridge"

T'Pel gave a nod of her head, "I have no further questions at this time, Captain," she told him, "I will report to Engineering and familiarize myself with the engineering staff. I will have a first staff and duty roster report to you no later than 2100 hours."

Rian stood "It was a pleasure Liutennant You are dismissed" He said with a brief smile "Oh and be sure to go down to medical and get your self checked out by he doctor" he called after her

T'Pel rose to her feet, "Captain," she said after her dismissal and then acknowledged the request to go into Sickbay. The slender Vulcan exited the ready room and made her way to the turbolift, "Sickbay."

Rian relaxed into his chair as he looked at the time "Oh crap we need to get underway preety soon" he said exiting his ready room onto the bridge.


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