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Welcome Aboard The Siren [Backpost]

Posted on Fri Mar 17th, 2023 @ 1:38am by Captain Rian O'Donnaghue & Lieutenant Kyss th'Zarath & Master Chief Petty Officer Kitiara McBride

1,454 words; about a 7 minute read

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Captains Ready Room (USS Siren)
Timeline: MD000 1600 hours

Rian had a day full of meetings, luckily Kyss had offered to help him with some of the entrees. Rian was sat behind his desk, nursing a fresh cup of tea. The new chief engineer and chief of the boat was next. Thank god they had an experienced engineer on deck, her being chief of the boat too meant his command team would be more full. The office was sparten after all he had only just moved to the new ship and most of his office stuff was blown up in the last siren. Save for a few photos of Myriam, his dad and his brother everything else was spartan and bare "Kyss Can you meet me in my ready room were almost ready for the next meeting" He said pressing his comm badge as he waited for Kyss to show up.

Kyss, who happened to be in the big chair got up. He tapped his commbadge. "On my way, Captain," he said. He motioned for the officer at ops to take over and he made his way to the ready room. He pressed the control and entered. "What's up?" he asked

Rian beamed as Kyss walked in "Our new New Cheif of the Boat arrives today and I wanted you here with me to give the orientation and get to know them as your 2XO and I trust you and with Simon being demoted your the most senior member of command staff bar me and I need your eyes with this one" he said looking to his best friend "Please help your self to whatever you'd like as we wait" he said sipping from his tea.

Master Chief PO Kitiara McBride walked on the bridge of the USS Siren, it was just like every other bridge she ever visited. Moving past the busy crewman and officers she headed over to the Captain's Ready Room, taking her travel bag off her shoulder setting it on the floor. She tugged on the hem of her Marine Corp duty uniform, smoothing a few wrinkles. Then grabbed her travel bag the only bag that remained of her gear. She hit the doorbell, waiting. She wasn't nervous....much still new crew new captain.

As Rian herd the door chime, he positioned everything on his desk so that he would have everything he needed for the meeting. Pressing the Button to use the comm "Please Enter" he spoke in a clam voice as he sat down with his cup of tea and all of his pads in front of him.

Enters at a brisk pace, stopping a few feet from the edge of the desk dropping the bag, and going to Attention. "Master Chief Petty Officer Kitiara McBride, reporting as ordered Sir."

Rian stood holding his hand out for her to shake "Thank you for coming so quick master chief Mcbride your arrival is rather timely" He said looking at her with a brief smile "Please take a seat and help yourself to any refreshments you'd like"

Sits in the chair indicated. "Thank you, Sir. I'm ok at this time on refreshments. Sir."

Kyss nodded. "Welcome to the Siren, Chief." The Andorian said. He looked to Rian. "With the Captain's permission. " he began. "At ease. Tell us about yourself."

He looked to Kyss "Permission Granted Liutennant" he said sitting back in his chair as he let Kyss take some of the lead for a moment whilst he stole his mind away to gather some questions.
She straighten in the chair, "um well Sir's. I joined the marines pretty much right out of high school, I was trained in infantry training, and excelled at hand to hand and knife fighting. I was a corporal when the dominion war broke out. Many ground missions. I was on mission we were attacked by Jem'Hadar, we ended up in hand to hand, I took a knife blade, to the eye." Moving hair back to show biomechanical eye and slight scar."we wrestled ended going over a cliff, I landed on the Jem'Hadar, still ruptured my spleen and broke left leg. Was at the bottom for a day and half. They got me to the ship they were able to patched me up minus eye. Went back to Starfleet med, spent a year there learning about this damned thing." She paused, "I ship hopped for the next ten or so years. Just finished my degree in Criminal Investigation, (CID/NCIS) at the academy. Then stuff hit the fan I was in a shuttle heading for the shipyard to get on my transport to come here when a cadet lost control and crashed the shuttle in San Francisco bay. I lost all my gear minus my trust bag here. Pilot and flight instructor made it out ok. Now I'm here ready to rock and roll."

Rian snapped back into the room, looking back to kitara "Quite the impressive history you have there chief" He said smiling "With your wealth of experience I'm sure the siren and her command team will have a stable hand on deck with your history and current courses taken id like to offer you the role of security investigations officer aswell we could really use one of those right now" he said with a smile grabbing the padds and badge "Kyss if you'd be so kind to hand these to the chief" he said looking up to his 2XO.

Takes the padds and badge, a bit taken back, she grinned, "thank you Sir's I look forwards to it, and color me intrigued on what you need my investigative skills for." Looking between the two officers over her.

Rian cleared his throat "Some breaches in security on the previous siren have come to light, she was basically blown halfway Abilene a year ago my then XO Simon stevens was in command when she went down my father commodore ethan james o'donnaghue has been told some rather distressing news and well I'm in need of a stable eye and a good investigative mind" He said with a drink of his tea "Kyss if you would explain our current situation" he said with a brief smile to the blue andorian.

"It seems or former XO's codes or authorizations have something to do with the unfortunate incident that happened to the previous Siren. That is if I read the brief correctly." the Andorian said. "So Comman..sorry, I mean Lieutenant Stevens may be responsible."

"interesting...can I get all reports from all parties involved? Do you sir's believe that the Lt. would actually do it or was he just means to an end?" he asked the two officers.

"I cant really say, Chief." Kyss replied. "I've never really met the man. Just in passing when I got assigned. But I'm definitely interested. Personally though, I think he might've been used."

Rian looked to his new COB "I have reason to believe he was either a pawn in someone else's game or the worst he did this for his own reasons" rian said trying to not cut kyss off mid-sentence "The problem I have with him chief is the arrogance he's always had a bit of it it was good for a little while he was a fantastic XO but something happened in that battle and id like to know what exactly" he said looking to kyss "I'm sure me and the lieutenant here can give you access to all the files we have may also be worth you paying my dad a visit he's the director of the mystic academy out here in the gamma quadrant but any and all resources you need to complete a thorough investigation you have my support should you need a science lab for testing ill make sure one is readily available for you"

She nodded, at the information the CO and XO put out. "I thank you sirs for the support in this endeavor. I look forward to meeting your the Commadore when he is available. Also, these are troubling times and I *Suggest* that the Lieutenant be confined to quarters or to the very least shadowed at all times. Also no access to any restricted files. If he is a pawn he may not be away how much he is giving away."

Rian shaded his eyes "Trust me Chief that man breathes and I know he's never without someone following or in ear shot I'm 1/4 vulcan and paranoid he ain't doing anything that I or kyss don't know about" he said with a brief smile "You can go and settle into quarters now and report to the bridge first thing tomorrow for alpha shift when our new XO gets here" he said with a broad smile.


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