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May I be your ship's chef?

Posted on Sun May 22nd, 2022 @ 4:21pm by Cadet Senior Grade Abigail Gordon & Gemma Callaghan & Captain Rian O'Donnaghue

937 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Getting started

Gemma could scarce believe it that she was going to work on a ship! Well hopefully she will be. In order to sell the point that they needed her on the ship, Gemma decided that she would put together a delicious meal and take it up personally to the Captain, and if she wasn't able to get there, she'd have to send a message to him. First Gemma went to see about gaining passage onto the ship. When she brought over her food to do so, she was denied she didn't seem to have the proper clearance. Gemma wasn't annoyed though, instead she went to someone whom loved her food and made a request.

"Would you contact Captain O'Donnaghue and I am requesting an audience with him. Please?" Giving her winning smile.

"Well only if you make your famous mixed berry pie then I will do so." Came the answer, from her friend.

"That would be most kind of you." Gemma responded smiling, with her blue eyes sparkling. And then she waited for word from the Captain of the USS Siren. The meeting place would be off the ship at a small cafe' her father owns. She wondered if the Captain would come.

Rian was sat in his office it had been a long day, meetings coming out of his ear holes and he just wanted a moment to relax. This whole new command thing was tiring and he placed his legs up on his desk, his eyes were heavy as sin its self, his view screen chirped as he looked down eyes half open "Captain your new chef is here shall I send her in?" Came the voice of his yeoman crewman Jackson "I'm tired as hell but send her in" He said rubbing his eyes to try and keep him self awake and alive.

Gemma's eyes widened when she got word that she'd be allowed on the ship, so quickly got her sample plates bundled up and arrived. Gemma walked in to the ready room bearing a basket with the food over her arm, the delicious aroma wafting its way from the basket. "Hello Captain, I'm Gemma Callaghan. I've brought you a meal and hoping to convince you that you need me here." giving a bit of a smile.

Rian smiled "Please come in" he said with a smile he hadn't asked for a ships chef but hey if the crew could actually get decent meals then he was all for it "Ohhh food please chef come and sit down and enjoy the meal with me" He said with a a wide smile "I'm a huge foodie so you picked the right captain"he said with a brief wink "what brings you aboard the fair ship siren?" he said looking around "Captain Rian O'Donnaghue nice to meet you?"he said holding his hand out for the other to take it.

She takes his hand to shake it, "Well I have always been wanting to be on a ship, go see the stars but mostly cook for the crew. I had put in an application, didn't know if I would thought I'd get clearance, thought I didn't get clearance but well here I am." revealing food that he loved. She had done some homework to find out just what he liked to eat.

Rian smiled as he looked at he food "With food this good chef you should have been on the previous siren" he said with a little smile "welcome aboard I'm sure my crew will love the food as much as I do" he said bringing the pie up to smell it.

Gemma beamed, "So I take it, I've got the job?" giving a jump for joy and a fist pump into the air, and a little dance of excitement. Forgetting herself for the moment that she was in the ready room of the Captain. She did though quickly remember, and blushed, "Well as you can see, I am exhilarated at this." just beaming.

Rian took the pie aside and grabbed his spoon, cutting a small hole into it and placing the spoon into the pie he tried it and his eyes rolled back into his head "Your hired when can you start?" He said beaming.

"I can start right now, Sir. All I need to do is just give the word and my things can be brought on board." Gemma was so elated that she leaned over the desk and gave Rian an excited embrace. "I am so happy!"

"Of course you can but make sure to stop by and see my chief medical officer for your physical I'll let you my cousin know to expect you" he said with a slight wink.

"Sure thing and thank you. I'll be heading there once I get a look see about the kitchen." giving a brilliant smile. Gemma was elated. "Don't worry I promise not to squeeze the stuffing out of you next time we see each other." giving a laugh.

Rian smiled "My Cousin is a half romulan so be sure to keep your wits about you Maec can pull a prank with the best of us" He said smiling "Im sure youll find your kitchen in working order shes only just been put in"

Gemma smiled at hearing the news. "Well then I shall go to medical next just to get that taken care of. And a brand new kitchen all of my own. I mean the ship's brand new kitchen." she giggled. "See you later Captain." With that, Gemma left the ready room and headed for where she thought medical would be.


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