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Posted on Thu Oct 7th, 2021 @ 1:51am by Lieutenant T'Pel

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T'Pel entered her new quarters aboard the Siren. They were more than five times the size of her quarters on board the Valiant and for her sake, she as still getting used to the extra space. Setting her comm badge down on her desk, she unzipped her uniform jacket and placed it on the wall hook she had installed near her door.

"Computer, begin personal log, Lieutenant T'Pel, Stardate 74763.39. I have arrived aboard the USS Siren. A Sovereign class vessel. In comparison, the vessel is of similar size as the Tal'Van to provide my parents a comparison.

After the events of the Valiant and my part leading to the conviction of a fellow crew member, the new assignment is a welcome change. My transfer orders to Engineering and the new Chief Engineering Officer for the Siren arrived the day before I came on board and I have been familiarizing myself with Engineering and the crew. I have begun arranging scheduled to be on a three shift rotation to maximize overlap of duties. Officers will have overall administrative functions, but I have assigned shift leadership to the non-commissioned officers and they will have more real-space experience.

I offered prayers for Surel's katra this morning. My thoughts have lingered on his absence since my return to space. It is pondering, as he and I spent only 57 days together in total and none of those days were we betrothed. I believe my mother when she says as you enter the latter half of your first century, your thoughts wander. She has provided me meditation techniques to alleviate that lack of control.

I am relieved to learn there are other Vulcans or at the very least those that share Vulcan ancestry on board. It will assist in my adaptation to other species and their emotional outbursts. The remainder of my belongings are expected later today after final meal.

For now, I shall continue to immerse myself in the Siren's designs. As a brand-new vessel, it will inevitably begin to have issues as it racks up more light years. A challenge I look forward to.

End log."


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