To Boldly Go

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Mission: Getting started
Location: USS Siren -A Bridge
Timeline: MD001


Rian walked onto the bridge, the shiny new bridge of his brand new sovereign class starship, his uniform pristine and his hair up in a neat quiff. He took his seat at the centre of the bridge. The view screen in plain view was massive far bigger than his Oberth classes and that all seemed a lifetime ago now. He waited patiently for his bridge crew to arrive whilst he made his own preparations for when they arrived at Avalon station and what was to come from these diplomatic meetings, thankfully now he knew the Klingons wanted to help that much he was certain of.

From her position to the right of Captain, Jennifer looked up with a smile "You look eager to get going Captain" she said as she finished what she was doing as she did so.

Rian looked over smiling "It has been sometime major since I was last out in the vastness of space new adventures await us and I look forward to seeing what this new ship can do," he said as he looked around the bridge as people started filling in.

"Well from what I have read the Sovereign class is a beast of a ship, as this ship is the later model, she has more phaser arrays and standard forward-firing Photon torpedoes and one Quantum launcher and at least two photon torpedo launchers aft, technically she is a battleship with the ability to do scientific mission and exploration and an ideal class for this location in the Gamma Quadrant we are currently in" Griffiths responded.

Rian smiled as he looked up around him to see some of the crew filling in "Well it would appear that are sitting in quite the battle cruiser the crescent won't know what hit them major" He said with a wink, as he heard the blast door behind him open.

Rian looked around as the bridge crew started filling in "Helm set a course for Avalon Station and Ops clear us from the morning rigs and tell new haven ops that we are ready to depart and step to it would ya" he said with a wink as he got comfortable in his chair "Major rest assured this will be quite the journey" he said with a wide smile.

*rolling her eyes* "Where have I heard that before!" she said light-heartedly and laughed a little as she sat back and crossed her legs.

Rian laughed a little as he looked to helm "Engage 1st Lieutenant" he said laughing.

1st Lieutenant Morsdover looked round to the captain "Aye captain heading made at full warp speed we should get there in about 2 days" he said smiling as he pushed his dials and pushed the speed up to maximum.

As EJ Entered the bridge he heard the helmsman speak as he stepped in toe behind his son "Fantastic Mr Morsdover make sure to let engineering know" he said as he looked around at the bridge of the brand new siren "She a looker Son much better than that clunky Oberth class you once captained"

Rian jumped a little as heard his father's voice "You ever get bored of doing that Dad?" He spoke as he laughed "Thank you lieutenant Morsdover "He said as looked around

Mayla walked on the bridge and over to the Captain and Major. She nodded to them. "Captain, Major. Lieutenant JG Mayla Meran reporting for duty. I hope you weren't long. I had to install one of our cadets in their position. I hope you don't mind. She took a seat. I have also read in on the intel about the Avalon station. I am ready to assist you on this mission, Captain." She pushed her hair back. "I read we will meet our uncle Natan O'Donnaghue, I read he will be taking over command of the station. Have you spoken with him prior, sir?" She tried making conversations.

Looking at the new arrival "Welcome to the bridge Lieutenant Meran" Griffiths said in response

Rian smiled as he saw Mayla "Lieutenant Meran it gives me much joy to see you" He said with an equally big smile "No no it's more than alright we're only just getting underway" he said with a smile "I've spoken to My father who has spoken to Natan so I'm assured that uncle Natan will be there to greet us for the most part" he said within even wider smile "Why don't you take a seat at the third chair next to Major Griffiths" He said pointing to the bucket seat next the Major.

Looking at Meran with a smile, "Welcome Lieutenant" Griffiths said to the new arrival.

Mayla nodded to the captain and then the Major. "Thank you, Major, sir, ma'am. I am sorry, Major, how would you like me to address you? My father told me to always ask if I wasn't sure."

"Major Griffiths would be fine, or Sir when applicable" Griffiths responded.

Mayla nodded. "Of course, Major Griffiths." She then took her seat at her station.

After completing her tasks in sickbay, T'Pel arrived at the bridge, made her way down to the Engineering station, took her seat, typed in her access codes, took over Ops control, and sent a message to all departments for readiness, "Captain, Engineering. All systems for departure are ready. Thrusters, impulse engines and warp drive are readily available." She announced.

Rian smiled as Lieutenant T'pel arrived n the bridge "Thank you Lieutenant T'Pel let Starbase new haven know were ready when they are for the undocking"

"Ay, Captain," she said tapping open the commlink, "Starbase New Haven, this is USS Siren requesting clearance for departure," she announced over the comm.

"Roger, USS Siren, you are clearing for departure. Godspeed" the response from the flight controller said.

"All mooring is cleared, aft thrusters and one-quarter impulse power at your discretion, Captain," T'Pel responded.

Kyss sat at ops, just taking it in. This was his first time on something bigger than an ageing Miranda class. He kept an eye on the readouts from his station and enjoyed the ride.

Theran Looked over to the captain "All Mornings are now clear captain and the impulse Engineers and spooling and warp are now initializing"

Rian smiled "Mr Morsdover take us out one-quarter impulse and once were Clear Punch the Warp," Rian said as he looked around the bridge and smiled at his crew.

"To boldly go where no one has gone before," Griffiths said as the Siren picked up speed then when the ship was clear of all gravity wells the ships entered warp speed.

Rian turned to his XO "These are the voyages of The Starship Siren Her Continuing mission to seek out new life and new civilizations" he said as he smiled even wider "Finally we are underway Major it feels good to see us in warp heading towards a destination" he looked to Kyss "Lieutenant Th'Zareth let me know when we get in hailing range of Avalon station" he said as he turned to look at the view screen.

"Well Captain, you have a mostly green crew and a marine Officer on her First command, what could go wrong?" Griffiths asked with a smile at her Captain.

He laughed "Well Major I assure you, you are far more endearing than the first marine I had the fortune of meeting," he said sitting back in his chair "My uncle Lt General Craig O'Donnaghue is not one man id like to fly head-on at even on a bad day" he looked out to the view screen "You have that same energy and that is why I know Major I can trust you"

Nods respectfully "Thank you, Captain, it is appreciated, now all I have to do is prove what you believe me to be," Griffiths said.

He smiled "I have every faith Major that you will do great things self-belief is our greatest tool never forget that" He spoke as he looked to his helmsman "Mr Morsdover how far out are we?" He asked readjusting in his chair.

Theran looked at his console "Aye captain getting ETA Now" He said pushing some buttons and reading the console "We're about 12 hours out captain" Theran said as he looked at everyone else.

Rian Smiled "Well Bridge Crew Let's get some Rack Time Beta Shift is about to start and Lieutenant Th'Zareth will have the con for Beta shit so those that need rest take it now once our beta shift colleagues arrive"

*Looks in surprise* "already! We only just got here Captain!!" Griffiths said she was used to long hours, so this was a new thing to her.

Rian looked to the Major "You'll Thank me once we get to the starbase this negotiation will not be easy, to say the least" He said looking towards the view screen "So take all the hours you can Major once we get there it'll be action stations from the get-go"

"Engineering, reroute engineering command control back to the Engineering command station from the Bridge," she said into the comm and watched her screen go dark. Rising to her feet, the Vulcan made her way to the turbolift, "Engineering" stating her destination as the lift began its travel.

Nodding Griffiths stood and tugged her jacket down oO This is not the Marines that is for damn sure! Oo she thought to herself as she left the bridge.

Rian Stood as he saw Beta shift enter "You have the Con Lieutenant see you in a few hours" He said as he tipped his head to Kyss, Pulling his own tunic down "Ensign Let me know when we drop out of warp I want to be here when we do" he said clasping the young ensign on the shoulder as he exited the bridge via the Turbo lift.

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Major Jennifer Griffiths
First Officer

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