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Lieutenant JG Mayla Meran

Name Mayla Meran

Position Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

Second Position Intelligence Instructor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Bajoran
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 167cm
Weight 65 kg
Hair Color blond
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Mayla has a unique hair style. She is not really tall. And has a petite physique. Just like her mother, she loves to wear jewelry, testament on her big rings and her pierced ears. Outside duty she definitely wear all her rings and piercings, including a Bajoran earring gifted to her by her father.


Spouse James O'Donnaghue
Father Marci Meran (Meran Marci)
Mother Talim Meran
Brother(s) TBD
Sister(s) TBD
Other Family Aunts:
Chelsea Meran O'Donnaghue
Layla O'Donnaghue Meran
Isabel O'Donaghue

Captain Natan O'Donnaghue (Meran)
Lt. General Craig O'Donnaghue

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mayla is a very dominant and intense girl. Her dominance she has from her mother. But she is also rebellious and not afraid to speak her mind. Aside from that, she can be kind and friendly and adheres to the hierarchy on board the commands she serves. But that doesn't mean she won't question questionable orders.
Strengths & Weaknesses Mayla is easily scared and sensitive.
She can also be very stubborn like her mom.
She can oblivious and ruthlessly honest.
Despite all that she can be diplomatic and intelligent.
Ambitions Mayla is ambitious to learn and teach new languages while serving in the fleet
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts

Personal History Mayla was born on Starbase Guardian to Talim Meran and Marci Meran. Marci is a Bajoran. At the age of 12 her father gave her a Bajoran earring he crafted for her himself. This was the first time she actively starting to seek out jewelry. She has quite a collection back home on Betazed. But also in her quarters she has a collection decorating her quarters.

Mayla started her academic career on Bajor, and later started to learn at the language institute on Earth. She speaks seven languages fluently. She was 25 when she joined Starfleet academy, and graduated 4 years later. She was trained as an intelligence and a diplomatic officer.

She served a year on the USS Pelican as a diplomatic officer and it was then shown how much she was like her mother in the field. At the end of her service on the Pelican, the Pelican was caught by a new species never encountered before. Mayla negotiated their freedom and even made proper first contact where her department had so drastically failed. He tried to reprimand her for speaking out of turn. But she argued with the Pelican CO that hadn't she stepped up, the would have faced imprisonment on an unknown world, with no hope of returning. She also stated that her abilities not made full use off on the Pelican, as the Pelican was an escort vessel first and foremost, not a diplomatic or science vessel. And this was according to her why the Chief Diplomatic officer failed, having never been a part of a first contact meeting.

Her statements were too bold for the Pelican so she did get a transfer to the USS Tokyo, who was assigned to the Beta Quadrant. The captain welcomed her fresh insights, but he later requested a transfer. Not because she wasn't good, or been disobedient or out of line, but he felt her talents were better useful elsewhere. This is how she ended up on Haven Colony. Her mother served on the starbase and she would definitely made use of her full potential in the Gamma quadrant. And this is where she met James O'Donnaghue.

She is now newly assigned to the USS Siren.
Service Record USS Pelican-Diplomatic Officer
USS Tokyo-Diplomatic Officer
Starbase New Haven/Haven Colony-Diplomatic Officer
USS Siren- Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer

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