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1st Lieutenant Theran Morsdover

Name Theran Morsdover

Position Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

Second Position Group Commander

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 196 lbs
Hair Color Whiskey brown
Eye Color Sea Blue
Physical Description He is a sight to behold all power all emotion and all breathtaking, his mothers sharp blue eyes, his fathers whisky colored hair, Even worse than that he is the very image of his great grandsire, Edward madge from the start of his life his mother and father knew he would be trouble. Pale complexion, sea blue eyes and whiskey brown hair a deadly mix that not even his mother could turn down when she saw it reflected in his father. Theran has a mix of greing and whiskey brown beard patchy in some places but full and bushy around his mouth and jawline, a jawline so tight that it could cut glass.

On duty his standard issue starfleet uniform if he is on the bridge if he is inhis fighter standard issue starfleet fighter jump suit, with is 1st liutennant rank slide on show. Off duty he tends to wear form fitting shirts, black or denim tight jeans with either boots or high tops on. He wears his hair naturally up in an off to the side quiff that keeps his whiskey brown hair out of his eyes.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Marcus Madge
Mother Alysanne Morsdover
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) NA
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Theran has been a fighter jock all of his natural life, cocky, brash and a little overbearing at times. A Typical fighter pilot shoots first and thinks second, to say that theran has an eye for anything with a pulse is an understatement. A Picean by starsign, deeply emotional, deeply involved in the lives of his comrades. Sensual, protective and empathic in his approach to people, not many in his long life have managed to escape his charm or his friendly demenor. Theran is part russian on hi mothers side and 3/4s welsh on his fathers, an almost dangerous conoction of poison and berevety.

Soft spoken and damn near polite in comparisson to how his accent makes him sound. He is the perfect mix of gentleman and wolf, by extension he is a perfect spy he can blend into any crowd and look good at doing it. He will be the first to drag the knife out of your spine knowing full well youd put one in his without a second thought.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Flight Skills
+Hand to Hand Combat
+charm and witt
+Phaser Combat

-Dominion Languages
-Is a little xenophobic where the dominion and founders are concerned
-Hot headed
-Tends to shoot first and ask questions later
_isent fond of ferengi
Ambitions To Serve Mystic Knights Dilligantly
Hobbies & Interests Boxing
Peregrine Fighters

Personal History Theran had grown up between his parents Marcus madge and Alysanne Morsdover. Marcus was a starfleet fighter pilot based out of Deep space K15 out in the Beta Quadrent. Alysanne Was a helm officer stationed aboard the Norway Class Starship Thor, Theran was born on the thor when his mother was a Liutennant Junior Grade.

He was brought up on the thor and stayed on board learning at school and learning what he could from the on board teachers. It wasent long before Marcus gained duel custody with Alysanne so that Theran would spend, 3 months aboard deep space k 15 and the res of th time with his mother on the thor.

Soon after he enrolled in starfleet academy majoring in Helm and Fighter pilot. Like his father he managed to pass all of his exams and pass straight out into service. He was placed in 35th squadron white wolves under the command of craig o’donnaghue, He was stationed on the USS Jackdaw a galaxy class.

This was around the time, the dominion war, broke out and theran was thrust straight into war with the 35th squadron. For 5 long years the jackdaw was present on most of the altercations between the dominion and starfleet.

Theran was captured by the dominion and tortured for hours, he was saved by craig,bella and tehrest of his squadron and taken directly to The jackdaws sick bay, he was there for 2 months before he was released and reasiigned to task foce mystic knights aboard the USS Siren.
Service Record Starleet Acadamy
USS Dilligent
USS Thor
USS Jackdaw
USS Siren.

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