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Commander Layla O'Donnaghue Meran

Name Layla O'Donnaghue Meran

Position Medical instructor

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 56

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 146
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description


Spouse Lt. General Craig O'Donnaghue Meran
Children Keala
Father Fenion Meran
Mother Felica Meran
Brother(s) Commander Natan O'Donnaghue
Sister(s) Vice Admiral Talim Meran
Commodore Chelsea Meran O'Donnaghue
Other Family To name a few:
Brothers in law:
Commodore Ethan O'Donnaghue
Lt. General Meran Marci

Sisters in law:
Commander T'Praneth
Lt. Commander Isabella O'Donnaghue

Personality & Traits

General Overview Layla comes over a bit like a child, but as a doctor she is very professional. She can be overall friendly, but has a bad temper. She can come over childish and peculiar.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
*Layla is a good doctor
* She is smart and intelligent.

* Layla doesn't have a lot of patience, which she in her older years tries very much to hide
* Layla still comes over little childish, peculiar. This often results in her not being taken serious when met at first glance.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Layla had a good childhood. She grew up on Betazed. From a young age her parents already saw she was different then most children. She was highly intelligent and smart. When she grew up she always wanted to be a doctor. Her parents had her send to the best schools, but Layla never seemed to be challenged enough, so they let skip a few classes. Which is how she got in to medical school at a young age. She then transferred to Harvard medical on Earth to continue her studies there.

She wanted to join star fleet, but they thought she was too young, so she continued her medical studies on Harvard till she was 18 and practically only needed to do an officers training. She graduated from the academy the same time she graduated her professionalism on Harvard.

She became Neurosurgeon. She said it was an interesting subject, but couldn't make up another reason as to why she wanted to do that.

It was in star fleet they began to realize she was different. She acted very childish and had a thing for candy and especially for lollipops. Not that she would over eat or anything, but she had a certain fascination for it. She also tend to hang around men a lot. And she wouldn't mind jumping in to bed with them whenever.

Her first assignment was the USS Siberia as a junior medical officer, although by then everyone already knew she was a good doctor, even if she was still young. But then something happened that could have ended her career as a star fleet officer. But her sister, Admiral Talim Meran stepped in and used her influence to safe her career. But Talim had to swear she would make sure that would never happen again so Talim put Layla under her command, Starbase Hope as a medical officer and kept her on a tight leash.
She also sealed all records pertaining what had happened on the Siberia, so only she, the victims, the CO of the Siberia and Layla know what happened there. No one spoke of it again.

Now that Talim was promoted to Ambassador, she had Layla transferred to the USS Arlington as a medical officer so that Chelsea could watch over her.

Layla served during the dominion war on the Arlington as the chief medical officer. After the war she was transferred to the USS Jackdaw to serve as the chief medical officer.

In 2396 she was transferred to the Haven Colony's medical facility and Mystic Academy. She serves as both medical director and medical instructor.
Service Record Betazed Medical School
Earth Harvard Medical
Starfleet Academy Medical & Officers training
USS Siberia Medical officer
Starbase Hope Medical officer
USS Arlington Medical officer
USS Arlington Chief Medical Officer
USS Jackdaw Chief Medical Officer

2396 Haven Colony and Mystic Academy
Medical Director and Medical instructor.

Current rank: Commander

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